is currently seeking financing. Please watch the Fundraising Trailer and browse the site for more information.

Investment Opportunities

Important: We do not make a public offering of a loan instrument.


If you are a qualified investor ( and would like to invest upwards of CHF 1’000 in MURKWOOD, please contact us at and we will send a Business Plan for your review and/or arrange a meeting.


If you are NOT a qualified investor but would still like to support our project, you can do so by coming on board as a sponsor.


Sponsoring Opportunities

If you are not a qualified investor but would still like to support MURKWOOD, you can!

We greatly appreciate your support and will in return offer you opportunities in the form of product placement, branding, promotion, screen credits or any pertinent suggestions from your side.

If you have any questions regarding sponsoring or would like to make a proposal, please email us at and we will get back to you immediately.



Other Opportunities

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding participation in MURKWOOD, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!