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Alex Boutellier

Alex Boutellier (born 1976 in Lucerne, Switzerland) has been working in the Swiss film and TV industry for 13 years. Apart from writing, directing and financing a number of shortfilms (some of which found international distribution), he has worked on countless TV shows, commercials, corporate videos and image films as a director, cinematographer and editor. Over the course of his career, he has also worked as a crew member on various film sets (1st/2nd Assistant Director, Location Manager, Production Assistant). MURKWOOD is his first feature film.



A 24-minute shortfilm written and directed by Alex Boutellier.


Sound Design: Guido Helbling
Music: Albert Gerritsen
Distribution: Imaginites Australia

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A 10-minute shortfilm written and directed by Alex Boutellier.


Music: Albert Gerritsen
Distribution: Shorts International UK

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Guido Helbling
Sound Design

Guido Helbling (born 1976 in St. Gallen, Switzerland) has been working as a sound editor and sound designer for many years. Among his credits are several famous Swiss documentaries and feature films. He also worked for the Zurich Opera House as a sound technician.


When he’s not working as a freelance sound editor, Guido Helbling runs the company which specializes in creating sound libraries and FX recordings for the film and TV industries.


Albert Gerritsen

Albert Gerritsen (born 1958 in Lucerne, Switzerland) is a session–, studio– and tour–musician whose playing styles range from jazz and rock to classical music.


Apart from playing in various Swiss rock bands, Albert has been teaching music for 25 years. He also runs international guitar workshops. His film work includes the scores for the shortfilms "Grooves" uand "A Mile to Midsummer" (both written and directed by Alex Boutellier). He also wrote the music for the MURKWOOD fundraising trailer.


Geoff Collins
Social Media Manager

Geoff Collins (born UK, resident in Switzerland since 1988) has been working in the Financial and Motor Racing industries for nearly 25 years. Within finance he has focused on the development of IT systems for banks, from development through to project and project management. In the world of motor racing he has worked as a journalist/feature writer, team owner and manager as well as being a PR/Social Media specialist for a current Formula 1 team. He has also worked with Microsoft through his close connection with a well-known team of social media strategists who will also be providing input to the MURKWOOD project.


Martin Russell

Martin Russell (born 1962 in Durham, England, UK/Swiss Citizen) has been working in the financial sector for almost 25 years, managing international Business IT projects and teams in the US, UK and Switzerland, winning 3 Industry awards from Euromoney in the process. He has also set up an E-Commerce company and provided advice to UK-based start-ups. His theatrical experience spans 20 years as an actor and director, playing roles in Shakespearean Comedies, Classic Dramas such as “Death of a Salesman” and British comedies, such as “Neville’s Island”. During this time he has also gained 4 years marketing experience in the entertainment business as Publicity Manager for the Zurich Comedy Club.